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Customer Satisfaction & Business Continuity

ISO9001 requires that a company must monitor and measure customer satisfaction for the improvement of an organisation’s performance.

PBD LTD has the expertise to devise and carry out satisfaction surveys. Creating reports that help to increase overall satisfaction and the performance of an organisation’s business.

Surveys can take many forms including mail shots, telephone calls, mystery shoppers. We can select the best method that suits the client’s operations.

Data from the surveys is provided in an easy to read format. Offering guidance on the actions an organisation may wish to implement as a result of the findings.

BS 25999. A standard for implementing a Business Continuity process within an organisation to provide confidence in B2B and B2C relationships.

The standard and associated Code of Practice specify the requirements for “establishing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented BCM system within the context of an organisation’s overall business risks”.

Business continuity planning

Ensuring that you are aware of the risks to your business and have taken steps to control those risk is increasingly important if you are to have a viable business should  incidents such as fire, flood or even the breakdown of your communications network take place.

The disruption of services that are vital to the continued operation of your business  can put continued profitability at risk, as many as 50% of business go bankrupt when the suffer a severe event such as a fire.

We have the expertise to analyse the risks to your business and suggest how best to control them and minimise their impact.

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